The Association for Fine Arts " THE TOWER " onlus is no profit and it is composed by men,women,boys and girls without differences of sex ,race ,religion ,political ideology,naturally the political ideology must not be in opposite of the laws of the safe of life of everyone.

The purpose of the Association is to improve the aggregation,the intelectual grown and to value the men's ,the women's, the young people's and adult's creativity.

The Association wants to be a place where everyone can improve the artistic - Cultural - activities with the purpose to inrich the quality of life of everybody, to improve the knowledge of social,human political problems and to value the cultural and enviroment property.

In connection and in collaboration with similar Associations and public institutions, it will plan training courses,conferences, meetings of artistic and cultural arguments, introducing artistic and social books,realizing shows art exhpositions about men's and women's problems.

The main interest of the Association is to know and to create didactic-cultural ways to apreciate the historical local territory memorials .

The Association wants to develop the fraternity and the knowledge of customs among the world peoples through the international artistic and cultural changes.